Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It was like Thanksgiving all over again!

It was a great game Indiana upsets Pitt, that wasn't the best part of the game. The Hoosiers Defense was going Turkey on Pitt, they would not let Pitt get a shot off. It seemed like every minute the Hoosiers blocked Pitt shooters. In the end the Hoosiers had 10 blocks, Two players tied with 3 blocks a piece, and they left with a big win. This is what I call a team, That I would want to have over for Thanksgiving.

Upset Alert!!!

Indiana took down Pitt, in madison square garden, Pit coming in to this game was 7-1. Not anymore with this young team led by transfer Jermiah Rivers from Gerogetown, he lead Indiana to a big win. The Hoosiers are young but that doesn't mean that they can't win, they won 76-64 in a game that Indiana had control throught the whole game. The main key parts, Indiana did during the game was knock down free throws 25 out of 34, besides the great free throw shooting, they played a fast pace game. They inbounded the ball and went storming down the court giving Pitt no time to set their Defense thats why Indiana scored, and why they won the game.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Big Ten is Big this year!!!

This year it won't be easy for any team to win the Big Ten. Indiana building a stronger, better, younger team that is ready for a new season. The hoosiers look a lot better than last year, but it won't be easy for the hoosier to be the top of the Big Ten. Indiana will have a lot of non- conference game wins, but will have a tough time beating the top of the Big Ten. This is what the Big Ten looks like this year Purdue #5 at 7-0 record they look good with a vetran team, next is Michigan State #14 6-2 lossing to the top teams in the nation first they lost to Flordia and then lost to North Carolina #11 at the time both were top teams. Then comes Ohio state #15 7-1 record, there is more Wisconsin #23 6-1 and just got a big win at home against Duke, then there is Illinois started the season ranked and lost and just got a win against #24 Vandy last but not least Northwestern is working there way up to the rankings with a 6-1 record. Now tell me this is not a great hard division it is going to be great.

Pitt VS Indiana Big Game!!!

Indiana Vs. Pitt it's going to be a good game, both teams young. It is going to be a upbeat game they both are going to battle to win this game. The only junior for Indiana is Jermiah Rivers a transfer from Gorgetown sat on the bench last year and decided to transfer. Indiana coming into this game 3-4 wanting to get a big win and pitt coming into this game with 1 loss they lost to #2 Texas. Tonights looks like Pitt will win 76-63.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Big win for the Hoosier Basketball

The Hoosiers beat NW St. at home over Thanksgiving break. They looked good in game that was need to win, in order to gain mometum for the season to come. This was a big won to because all the students were back home for the break, so at the game they had little fan support. They had a great start to the game and never looked back, they looked like a great top contender team at this game. They haven't looked this good since Eric Gordon was there.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Non bowl eligable Indiana

What is next for Indiana new Football coach? no they don't need one they got a great young team that is been struggling. The couple of years the football team will be at the top of the big ten they will run the table and go to the rosebowl for the first time i school history. This would be huge and would promote the football team.